Country Artist Devyn Brinsfield

Well, Some Think Its A DelusionThat I Won’t Get Very Far With This Life I’m ChoosingAs Long As I’m Living Free, I’ll Be Just Fine

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Well, It Aint No Damn DelusionPretty Happy With This Ol’ Life I’m ChoosingAs Long As I’m Living Free, I’ll be Just Fine

An Honest Homage to the Outlaw Genre

An undeniably authentic sound is blazing through the honkytonks, pubs and speakeasies of Bakersfield. A unique, new generation of music not unfamiliar to the town that takes pride as the legacy of Buck & Merle. An unexpected but welcome artisan of the acoustic, with adventurous allegories of life on the road, on the run & the love you lose at rock bottom.

Looking for Trouble “Down in The Valley”

Just one generation removed from Oklahoma is a born & bred Oildale native with one dream, six strings & a three piece accompaniment. A somber old soul with a slew of stories from South San Joaquin, telling tales that tend to transcend time. His lyrical analysis is an introspection of the daily grind that snuffed out both ends of his own blue collared candle.

Best Damn Good Time in Bakersfield

A reliable source for a fantastic night out is anywhere Devyn Brinsfield can be found busking for his supper, solo or joined by some of Kern’s finest musicians. Belting & strumming for celebratory strangers on smoke filled patios with an ajar old guitar case. The soundtrack to a real time biography of overcoming your own human condition, one song at a time.